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Brazil’s President Bolsonaro Tests Positive For Coronavirus



The president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro has confirmed that he had tested positive for the coronavirus disease. In a live broadcast on television, the 65 year-old leader said he got to know of his status after his fourth test.

President Bolsonaro is one of the most vocal world leaders who have repeatedly brushed off the severity of the ongoing pandemic which has infected close to twelve million people and culminated in more than 540,000 deaths.

He refused to impose a lockdown on the country and labelled the pandemic as a tiny flu which could not derail his economic decisions.

He also condemned state governors who unilaterally imposed lockdowns calling for its truncation since it hurt the country’s economy. President Bolsonaro also attended large rallies without any form of protection against the deadly disease.

At his age, he falls within the higher-risk bracket who are very susceptible to the disease due to a weaker immune system.

Brazil is the second most-affected country in the world after United States in coronavirus cases and deaths. It has so far recorded over 1.6 million cases with a death toll of more than 66,000.