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PHOTOS: Lady Curses Her Boyfriend She Catered For After He Dumped Her For Being Older



A Ghanaian lady has gone berserk and rained curses on her former boyfriend after she got dumped by him for being four years older. The woman fed, clothed and paid for his university alongside housed her boyfriend as she envisaged a future with him.

The 29 year-old woman who was identified as Martha was extremely angry after the man sent her a Whatsapp message to apologise for his action and later blaming his parents for that. He was not in for a reconciliation but felt he owed her an apology.

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Martha did not take the apology as she went on a tirade listing all the good things she did for her former boyfriend, Collins, 24.

Collins explained that he loved her but could not flout his parents’ order for him to end their three year old relationship which the woman thought would end in marriage.

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Martha would not take that explanation as she demanded why his parents did not tell him that as she was paying for his fees and other goodies.

See snapshots of the conversation: