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Youth Destroy “Church of Satan” Branch In Nigeria, Threatens To Kill Members



A group of rampaging youth has vandalised the properties of the Nigerian branch of the Church of Satan in Ohafia, Abia State, south-eastern Nigeria.

The angry youth also seized the founder and leader of the religious sect along with some members of his followers and handed them to the police.

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The full name of the church is Assembly of Light Bearer Greater Church of Lucifer and it was founded by one Ifekwe Udo who has since garnered some followings among the youth in the community.

The youth justified their actions because they claim the church is evil and if they do not stop it now, it will bring unwarranted calamities om their community.

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Nigeria is a secular state in which freedom of religion and association is guaranteed under the country’s constitution. Thus it is will be a difficult task for the police to successfully present a case against the sect members.

Ifekwe Udo is the founder of the controversial church
An angry youth dismantling one of the statues
The church has seen an increase in its membership