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Famous Actress Divorces Husband Over Domestic Violence – PHOTOS



Zena Yusuf Mohammed aka Shilole, a famous Tanzanian actress has filed for divorce from her husband she describes as ‘abusive’.

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Shilole shared on social media the ordeal she goes through in her home living with an abuser. She posted a lengthy letter to tell her story.

According to the actress, she decided to break her 3-year-old marriage because her “husband Ashrafu Sadid, popularly known as Uchebe, has been battering me too much!”

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Her letter also contained apology to her fans for lying that her “marriage was trouble-free, while in reality, it wasn’t peaceful.”

Read Letter From Shilole In Part Below;

“I am writing this with a clear mind and conscience. First, I would like to apologise to my family. I am seeking your forgiveness because I assured you that my marriage was trouble-free, while in reality, it wasn’t peaceful.

“I have been a victim of domestic violence and other evil acts I cannot speak about on this platform.

“[As an artist], I am a role model to many in the society; I represent women on many fronts. Today, I have decided to break my silence on my marital woes. My husband Ashrafu Sadiki, popularly known as Uchebe, has been battering me too much!

“Two days ago, when I returned home from my livelihood-seeking activities in Dar es Salaam, he seriously beat me up, forgetting that I had gone out there to look for food not only for my children, but also him. Why did he assault me? Because of petty marital conflicts that are present in all marriages. He did not batter me because he had found me cheating on him, or on issues that are hard to solve through dialogue, no. Furthermore, I respect him so much.

“I have had enough [of domestic abuse], and from now henceforth, I would like to state categorically that no one should refer to me as Uchebe’s wife. People should refer to me as ‘that mother who chose to prioritise her children’s welfare and wellbeing at the expense of a toxic relationship’. They should describe me as ‘that woman who chose her happiness and safety [over a violence-ridden marriage].

“My female fans and other women in the society should use this social media post of mine as a strong message that says ‘we [as women] should speak up when we have been reduced to punching bags and recipients of brutality, because if we don’t, we’ll end up dead someday’.”

SOURCE: AfricaCelebrities.Com