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Kano State Adopts Castration As Punishment For Rape



A law to castrate convicted rapists in Kano State, north-western Nigeria is at an advance stage as the state legislators prepare to promulgate a law that would dish out that harsh punishment.

Members of the state assembly recommended that punishment after the state and Nigeria as a whole was rocked with several rape cases with some even culminating in he victims’ demise.

The Assembly arrived at the consensus following a motion filed on Wednesday by a member of the assembly, Nurudeen Alhassan (APC-Rano), who had sought a revision of the law.

Nurudeen Alhassan, justified his motion on the premise that the current maximum 14 years jail term is not deterring would-be rapists hence a much harsher punishment.

Nigeria practises a federal system of government. This enables each of its 36 states to institute its own laws but in tandem with the parameters set up by the federal government.