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Kanye West Abandons Presidential Bid For This Year’s Election



American rapper Kanye West has reportedly dropped his bid for the American presidency after declaring his participation in this year’s election during the country’s independence celebration.

Steve Kramer, an election strategist who got hired by the musician to focus on getting his name on the ballot in Florida and South Carolina announced that Kanye West had dropped out of the race.

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He denied the popular notion that the musician’s presidential bid was a publicity stunt. He explained that Kanye West was serious and even employed close to two hundred people in Florida alone to push his agenda.

Kanye West garnered substantial support from social media users, including Tesla boss, Elon Musk among other giants in the entertainment industry.

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It is understood that his withdrawal is on the premise that he had missed the deadline in submitting his name for the presidency in six different states.

This will definitely be a welcoming news to his friend, incumbent President Trump and his other main contender Joe Biden who viewed his participation in the race would have taken away some of their votes to win in the presidential election slated for November.