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VIDEO: 71 Year Old Ghanaian Baby-Sitter Arrested After Brutalising Baby



A Ghanaian baby-sitter has been arrested by the New York police after she was captured on video beating the very baby she was being paid to cater for.

The 71-year old Abena Yeboah who is based in Bronx, New York city was hired by the baby’s mother to cater for him while she was at work. Unknown to her, her every action was being captured by a video camera placed secretly in the room.

Bergen County Prosecutor Mark Musella who announced her arrest, said:

“During her time as a nanny for the family, she was observed on a nanny camera physically abusing the child by hitting, kicking, and yanking the child by the arm.”

People convicted of child brutality which is a fourth-degree crime face up to one a half years imprisonment. She would be subsequently deported back to her home country after serving her sentence.

Watch the video below: