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Juliet Ibrahim Lists Allergy Pills, S*x Toy And Inhaler As Her Life Savers



Celebrated Ghanaian actress, Juliet Ibrahim has given ten items that will always top her list any day. The 34 year-old movie icon listed allergy pills, asthma inhalers and a dildo as her top items.

The actress shared her remarks through her weekly vlog on her YouTube page to her fans. She took her followers through an elaborate journey on why those items made it to her list.

She explained that the allergy pills ensure she does not suffer that much from reactions after she comes into contact with things she is allergic to. Thus, she has those pills on her every time.

She attributed her dependence on ventolin inhaler to her asthmatic condition. Juliet Ibrahim explained that her condition is very delicate when she gets an attack hence the item is always with her.

The other prominent item on her list is a dildo. The former wife of tech mogul, Kwadwo Sarfo added that as a single lady, the dildo act as a nice companion to quench her sexual desires.

Watch the video below: