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Peter Okoye Trolls Mr. Ibu For Saying Coronavirus Is A Scam, Calls Him Ignorant



Mr. P of defunct P square music group has thrown shade at veteran actor Mr. Ibu and any Nigerian who does not believe Coronavirus is real.

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In a message to advice his followers to live a cautious life, Peter Okoye said the virus may linger till next year.

He advised his followers to prepare their minds for the virus and also called all those who still think COVID-19 is unreal or just flu as ignorant.

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Mr. P and his family recently claimed they had tested positive for the virus but later came to announce they had recovered.

He tweeted: “Ignorance is a desease. Far worst than the underlying virus (Covid19) California has gone Shut Down again and some states in the US are about to do the same. Some will still say Covid19 is a Scam. It’s ordinary malaria! Prepare ur mind, cos life might not be normal till nxt yr.”

SOURCE: AfricaCeleberities.Com