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Woman Narrates How Her Own Mother Snatched Her Husband



A middle-aged woman has shared her heartbreaking story of how her seven year old marriage ended in a bitter divorce which was orchestrated by none other person than her own biological mother.

The recently divorced woman who preferred to hide under the cloak of anonymity, narrated how her mother snatched the husband from her very hands, to popular Ghanaian relationship expert, Ama Magis.

It all began in her fifth year of marriage when her mother became a widow after her father’s death. She was left alone in their hometown as her two daughters were both married and living their lives.

The following year, she had her first child and her mother came for a short stay to help with the new baby’s upkeep. Three months of delivery she got pregnant again, thereby making her mother’s short stay a longer one.

The narrator had the shock of her life when she barged into her mother’s room to pick an item. There laying in bed, her lovely husband bonking his mother-in-law; her own mother.

She became weak and started hallucinating before been helped out by a family friend. Unfortunately none of her family believed her story and treated it as fiction.

Her demands for her mother to vacate her house proved futile as her husband would not budge to the idea with the obvious chance to continue their illicit affair.

One night, she woke up to see her husband was not in bed. She had this strange urge of going to the bathroom. On getting there, she saw her husband making out with her mother again.

Luckily for her, she had her phone and took a video of them on WhatsApp and sent it on a family page. Though her husband took the phone and deleted the video it has already been downloaded and got forwarded to other people.

The husband took the affair to a new level when he rented an apartment for her mother and spent most of his time there to the detriment of his own kids.

The woman finally packed out of her home and perched with a good friend of her sister. She added that they are no longer married and has become estranged from her mother.