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Man Jailed For Life After Killing Wife In Order To Marry Gay Partner



Mitesh killed his wife in order to marry gay partner

A 37 year old man has been sentenced to life imprisonment after he was found guilty of murdering his 34 year old wife.

The court heard that the convict, Mitesh Patel strangled his wife, Jessica to death in May 2018 in order claim more than £2 million in insurance claims and also elope with his gay lover to Australia.

The Britain-based couple of Indian heritage run a pharmacy shop and were very open about their love for each other.

Mitesh Patel took five years to create the whole incident and had planned to put the crime on an intruder who ostensibly invaded their homes.

The family of his deceased wife remains inconsolable as they struggled to accept their first child was killed in such gruesome manner by her own husband.