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Man Kills Himself After Fiancee Left Him For His Rich Friend



The small town of Kadawa in Kano State is in shock after a twenty-five-year-old man stabbed himself to death with a kitchen knife when he was jilted by his fiancee.

Ashiru Musa Danrimi allegedly stabbed himself to death after his wife-to-be dumped him for his richer friend.

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Abdullahi Haruna Kiyawa, the state police spokesperson confirmed the sad incident to the press. He revealed that the police rushed unconscious Ashiru to the hospital where he died.

Family of the deceased are blaming his former fiancee, one Aisha for their relative’s death. Neighbours have been engulfed in shock after a once enviable relationship turned up tragic.

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The deceased has since been buried in tandem with Islamic rites. Conspicuously absent at the funeral was his friend whose betrayal pushed him to end his life.