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Woman Narrates How Her Dubai Trip Ended Up In Mali



A Nigerian woman’s aspirations of working in an overseas country for greener pastures came to a brutal end after she realised she had been scammed and sent to Mali instead of Dubai.

Irhobosa Orhumnzie, revealed that she and some twenty-four other women were selected by a certain woman to make the trip to Dubai, United Arab Emirates to go and work as sales girls and other menial jobs.

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After the said woman took various sums of money from them, they were told they would go through Cotonou, Benin where they would transit to their destination in Dubai.

They passed through Benin and Burkina Faso and ended up at the Malian border where they were arrested by the police for illegal entry.

They were subsequently taken to Nigerian embassy where they found out the woman was trafficking them to engage in prostitution.

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Their repatriation to Nigeria was delayed by several months because of the travel ban imposed in the country due to the coronavirus.

The women were part of the over hundred Nigerian citizens who were brought back home in a chartered flight from Mali.