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Man Nearly Lynched After He Was Caught With Married Woman In A Hotel



A middle-aged man had the beating of his life after he was caught redhanded bonking a married woman at a popular hotel in Wa, Ghana.

The man who is believed to be a teacher checked into the hotel with the married woman on the premise that her husband was out of town.

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Unknown to them, the husband and a group of macho men were trailing them in a car. The two entered the hotel and booked their room.

The group barged into the room where the duo were caught in an intimate moment. They were dragged out onto the street a d given severe beatings for their action.

The man, who received the most of the beatings was also stripped naked with people around recording him on their phones.

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People who know the battered man alleged that the two lovers were previously in a relationship which came to an end after the woman’s family married her off to another man.

They kept seeing each other secretly till they were finally accosted on that fateful day. The woman’s husband has since initiated divorce proceedings against his unfaithful wife.