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Ubi Franklin Reveals Online Bullying Nearly Forced Him To Commit Suicide



Nigerian entrepreneur and music executive, Ubi Franklin has made a startling revelation on how he attempted suicide multiple times some three years ago after he became the target of some online bullies.

The 34-year-old artist manager made the statement while reacting to the heartbreaking video of Izu Madubueze reading his suicide note before shooting himself dead.

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Ubi revealed that he suffered online bullying on his Instagram page because his marriage broke down and the fact that he had many baby mamas. This pushed him into depression.

He got out of the depression by making a solemn pledge to ignore all those trolls and focus much more on his career. Ubi added that no one is perfect and felt pained because Izu Madubueze chose to end his life.

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Izu Madubueze trended on the internet after his name appeared on a Twitter list of alleged rapists. His attempts to seek redress from the poster, a lady by name Nani, proved futile.

He later read a his suicide note in a video posted on social media to deny the rape accusation while expressing his love for his family before shooting himself to death.