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Ugandan Man Jailed 11 Years For Killing A Gorilla



A Ugandan man will be spending the next eleven years in jail after he was found guilty of killing Rafiki, a popular mountain gorilla among the most protected species in Africa.

Felix Byamukama pleaded guilty to trespassing a protected area with the sole aim of killing a gorilla. The convict defended his action telling the judge that the animal attacked him and thus killed it in self defence.

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Rafiki, a 25-year-old male and head of a 17-member gorilla group who was hugely popular with tourists, was found dead a day after it went missing in early June.  

Byamukama pleaded guilty to different charges including killing a gorilla, entering a protected area and being in possession of illegal meat. 

He was also in possession of of several hunting equipment including a spear and rope snares which were found in a search of his home. 

The Ugandan Wildlife Authority has lauded the prison sentence handed down to the poacher hoping it serves as a deterrent to others.

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Rafiki himself was very popular with people who come to visit the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park which remains shut yo visitors due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Mountain gorillas are endangered with just a little over thousand still alive. They are a popular draw for visitors to the country and rakes in much revenue for the government.