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Newborn Baby Rescued In A Soakaway By Residents (Photos)



Residents in Ogun State managed to save a newborn baby from death after he was found dumped in a soakaway by unknown people.

Cries of a baby was heard on Saturday august 8 by children playing near the soakaway in Oyo Avenue, Olorin community in Adiyan, Ogun State.

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The children rushed to call an elderly woman that a cock was trapped in the soakaway pit but the woman discovered it was a baby and called for help.

Locals tried to rescue the baby and other called the police in the area. A welder also helped cut the iron bars covering the pit and the baby was safely brought out.

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The baby was taken to the Oke Aro Health Centre of medical care was was said to be a day old due to the appearance of his belly button.

SOURCE: AfricaCelebrities.Com