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Nigerian Musician Sentenced To Death For Insulting Prophet Muhammad



A sharia court in Kano State, northern Nigeria has handed down the death sentence to a musician who was found guilty of insulting the Islamic prophet, Muhammed.

The court ruled that Yahaya Sharif-Aminu, 22, was guilty of committing blasphemy for a song he produced and shared on popular social media handle, WhatsApp.

The accused did not deny the charges and the judge, Khadi Aliyu Muhammad Kani said he could appeal against the death sentence.

The northern region of Africa’s most populous country uses the strict version of sharia to adjudicate legal issues

Only one of the death sentences ordered by the sharia courts has been carried out since they were reintroduced in 1999.

Protestors have called for the swift execution of the ruling. They had burnt down his family home and gathered at the sharia court to attempt instant justice.

The musician was accused of blasphemous after he released a song which glorified his local imam in a way which puts him at par with the Islamic prophe.