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Cubana Chief Priest Surprises Woman Who Helped Him In His University Days (PHOTOS)



Club owner and Nigerian Business man Cubana Chief Priest paid a surprise visit to a woman who saved him in his university days.

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Cubana Chief Priest went to the provisions owner to show appreciation to the woman for what she did for him all those years.

In an Instagram post Cubana spoke at length on the many things the said woman did to help him. He said the visit was to show appreciation and also let the woman know she helped raise a superstar.

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Cubana Chief Priest wrote… “During My Uni Days This Provision Store Saved Me, This Mama N Her Sons Were There For Me For No Reason, They Genuinely Loved Me For Who I Am, They Never Knew I Was Gonna Be Who I Am Today, That’s Pure True Love, Had To Stop By To Let Mama Know They Raised A Super Star✨ Thank You MaMa I Dey For You For Life❤️ #CelebrityBarMan💫”

It is unclear if the outspoken personality visited the woman and her family with gifts but recognizing her efforts is gift enough.

SOURCE: AfricaCelebrities.Com