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“I Have HIV” – Lady Writes To All The Men She Has Slept With



A lady has torn social media in two after she publicly apologized for infecting all the men she has slept with HIV.

As research has it, HIV has no effective cure once it leans to AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome).

A Kenyan lady identified as Harriet Vihenda Akunava shared on social media an apology letter begging that her lovers forgive her for infecting them.

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She posted a test strip results to back her claims and to settle doubts in the minds of her followers.

She also confessed that she has been deliberately infecting men with the virus but has now regretted her action and is advising anyone who has slept with her to go for a test.

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“It’s time I come clean. I was bitter for many months but I can’t do this anymore. I am HIV positive and I have been infecting men. I am sorry, forgive me. Get tested if I have hanyad you.”

Now social media users are debating if the lady should be forgiven or legal actions must be taken against her. Share you opinion in the comment section.

SOURCE: AfricaCelebrities.Com