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Actress Yetunde Bakare Rejects Islam And Converts To A Different Religion



Nollywood actress, Yetunde Bakare has left the religion of her birth – Islam and has pledged allegiance to Christianity.

She made this announcement yesterday via her social media handles, citing that, her reasons for leaving Islam are personal and can’t be shared with the public.

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She added that religion does not really matter that much but one’s connection with God was the most important thing.

She pointed out that, she was born and raised as a muslim but has now decided to ditch that for the religion’s archrival, Christianity.

Many people are beginning to fear for her life because the punishment for leaving Islam is death!

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Nigeria is known to be the only West African nation that practices the Shari’ah laws to the latter and this makes her case more complicated.

All the same, she has made her choice and we can only wish her the best in her new found home.

She wrote: “I was born and brought up as a Muslim 🙏 and my sunnah name is MODINAT 🥰 but I’m now a Christian for reasons best known to me 🙏💯

All the same I love my brothers/sisters in Islam 💯🤍 at the end of the day Religion isn’t all that matters, your connection with God matters most 🙏 JUMM’AT MUBARAK my people 💋

Nobody got the answers but I’ll still give out the money ! “

Source: AfricaCelebrities.Com