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Former Chelsea Manager Loses Over £27 million To A Scammer



Antonio Conte, a former manager of English football club Chelsea, is fighting to recover over £27 million he lost to a scammer in the united kingdom.

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Reports say Antonio made some bad investments into a company identified as Kidman Asset Management. Conte joins 7 other investors who have sued the company’s Chief, Massimo Bochicchio.

Assets of Bochicchio has been frozen by judge David Foxton on July 17 after the company chief was found guilty of “breached the terms of eight settlement deeds” that had been agreed with the investors back in May.

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Conte showed the court faked document that had appeared to come from HSBC. His lawyers also added that Bochicchio “agreed to hand over account statements, books and records from Kidman Asset Management” – but in fact did not do so.

The case is still in process and Bochicchio could face imprisonment if he is found guity.

SOURCE: AfricaCelebrities.Com