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A Cheating Partner Is Better Than A Stingy One – Huddah Monroe Says



Who among these two will you choose to live with, a wealthy partner that cheats on you or a stingy partner who is faithful with only you?

Huddah Monroe, a controversial Kenyan born socialite, has sparked a heated discussion on social media after saying she prefers staying with a cheating man than a stingy one.

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her aguement was based on fact that once her cheating man is taking good care of her and providing her needs, she has no problem with what he does with other women but she will break up with a stingy partner on the first day.

She wrote, “will never break up with a man for cheating! lol! Stingy yes, I’m done. Day 1! Bye! was nice to meet you. Especially if he is above 40 years! 45, you can’t be old and want a young woman and be stingy! Pick a struggle! Honestly, do old men think young beautiful women like them for love? Loool.

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other social media users are sharing the 2 cents under her post drawing her attention to the fact that the cheating man can infect her with sickness.

SOURCE: AfricaCelebrities.Com