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It’s Laziness To Depend On Your Pastor To Teach You The Word Of God – Kate Henshaw



Controversial Nollywood actress, Kate Henshaw has opined that, only lazy christians will depend on their pastors for the interpretation of the word of God.

She supported her assertion with the reason that, God gave each and everyone of us a functioning brain to reason things out.

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She advised that Christians should stop the “My pastor say, my pastor say” and start thinking for themselves. She wondered why a person will suspend his thinking for another person’s.

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Her tweet reads: “Its pure laziness 2 not know d word of God 4 yourself if you are a Christian.
“My pastor say, my pastor say…”
God gave us all gifts & that includes a functioning brain
How do you suspend your thinking for another’s words?
The Lord knows those who are HIS.”

Most christians in this part of the world rely on their pastors for everything including relationship advice from some pastors who have struggled to maintain a healthy relationship in their entire adult life.

Kate Henshaw’s advice comes in handy for these category of christians.

Source: AfricaCelebrities.Com