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Erica Attacks Lucy Over Her (Erica) Love Interest, Kiddwaya



Big Brother Naija housemate, Erica yesterday attacked fellow housemate, Lucy over her (Erica) love interest, Kiddwaya.

The housemates, during the Pepsi challenge yesterday, were put in groups to represent one of Nigeria’s popular musicians throughout the day.

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Lucy and Kiddwaya were put in a group and they represented team Cuppy. They were supposed to perform DJ Cuppy’s song, Green Light, together.

Whiles Kiddwaya memorized everything he had to do in the song, his partner, Lucy rather forgot some of her lines on stage.

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Speaking with Tonibaj after the contest, Erica slammed Lucy for her mess on stage. She said:

That was very rude of her. What kind of stuff is that? It doesn’t make sense.

She wasted all the time complaining about Kidd… shouting, ‘have you seen me dancing? Have you seen me singing before? And after everything she didn’t even sing sh*t on stage…

How can she spend hours complaining about Kidd? That was very rude of her and went on stage and messed up.”

I told her [this face to face]. Is she going to beat me? You know me now, I always say my mind.

She spent hours making another person feel bad, then went there and messed up. All the time she should have used to practice, she used it to complain about Kidd throughout.

And when she started crying after the performance, I was like, ‘why are you being dramatic?’

“If she put in that much time [she used in complaining in practice], won’t she go there and do something good?

If I were in a group like that and someone kept complaining about me openly to everybody that was so rude and I can [also] easily start pointing out all the flaws in front of everybody.

She does that all the time and would be like ‘oh, I’m just saying the truth. I’m just saying my mind’, without considering how bad you make other people feel.

The thing is Kidd is like, ‘I’m not bothered’ but I know he’s bothered but just doesn’t want to make it a big deal. Me, I’ll make it a big deal…I don’t care. Are you going to beat me?”

Source: AfricaCelebrities.Com