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“Religion Is A Theory About God, Science Is Practical” – Brymo



The battle for supremacy between religion and science keep taking different dimensions as the days pass by.

The biggest conversations in recent times have had something to do with pitching religion against science to determine which one is really true about the world and everything in it.

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This has generated several debates – some casual and others organized. Top religious clerics have in the past dismissed some scientific findings, on the basis that, they appear satanic.

But almost all the time, science comes out victorious in such banters and the clerics forced to eat the humble pie.

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Nigerian musician, Olawale Oloforo, popularly known as Brymo, has also waded into the science against religion’s debate and has sought to simplify what both entails.

According to the controversial singer, religion is only a theory and has no practical components to back the claims it makes. He added that, science is practical based as opposed to religion’s theories.

He took to twitter and wrote: “Religion is a theory about God, science is practical…”