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My Husband Banged My Mum While I Was In Coma



A lady has given a chilling narration on how her own mother snatched her husband from her while she lay on her death bed battling for her life amid a series of illnesses.

Kamylla de Melo from Pernambuco, a state in north-eastern Brazil had the shock of her life while admitted at the hospital where she had spent close to four months in intensive care.

The 31 year old mother-of-one narrated how devastated she became when her father told her the two most trusted people in her life were now having an affair.

She gathered enough courage and put a call through to her mum , Jose Marques 51, to get a confirmation about the rumour. Her mother corroborated the rumour amid bragging that she is well positioned to handle her son-in-law.

She revealed that during her long stay at the hospital, her former husband visited her only twice while her own mother never bothered to see how she was faring.

Her mother had told her she was caring for her grandson jn her house not knowing she was using it as a conduit to continue her immoral affair with her then husband.

Her husband finally divorced her and moved in with her mother and the two have since married much to the chagrin of everyone who knows them.

Kamylla de Melo concluded that she was now in a better relationship with a new man who respects and adores her very much.

She has also sworn never to forgive her mother and former husband for the excruciating pain their affair had on her wellbeing.

Kamylla and her estranged mother