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Inviting Me To Become President Of Nigeria Is A Demotion In My Position – Bishop Oyedepo Brags



Presiding Bishop of Living Faith Church Worldwide, Bishop Oyedepo, bragged to his congregation during a sermon on Sunday that he considers it a demotion if invited to become President of Nigeria.

He echoed without apology his reason for the statement saying, God asked him in 1984 if he was interested in going to the top and he said No.

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 “Then whatever I tell you to do, do it. Don’t run around: whatever I tell you to do, do it. Don’t muse about: whatever I tell you to do. Don’t do what they do: do what I tell you to do.

“1984! Do you know that’s what led me to say, “I will consider it a demotion…” and I’m saying it again, some are very upset about it, that’s their problem.

“I will consider it a demotion if I were invited to be the President of this great country. It’s a great country, it’s a great honour for anyone to be President but that’s not where I belong. I belong to ‘above all nations,” he said.

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Bishop Oyedepo said he does not care what anyone thinks about his submission but there is no way he will bow to any devil to scale any height in his life and his church members should learn from him.

“Angry or happy, there are more than 100 nations now hooked on to this service; and we all belong there together. That’s where we belong. Some can see it, others can’t see it: They say, “I don’t believe it, I just need food, water and eat, drink and die. I don’t need above all nations.”

“I’ve said it before, “the highest concentration of giants in this generation will emerge from this platform.” If you are one of them, let me hear your loudest Amen. The same way, this Church did not need any human help to get to where we are, you won’t bow to any devil to scale any height in your life.

In conclusion, he added that Jesus is the one that has made him bigger and not the hands of man so he prefers his position than coming down to the level of humans.

“Watch, if I’m the one to lift you, I can only take you to where my hand can reach. Imagine the everlasting arm of Jesus, He picks you up, scaling everlasting heights. I can’t get you there. There is no help from man under heaven no matter who that man that will compare with help from God.”

SOURCE: AfricaCelebrities.Com