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Williams Uchemba Supports Father Of Jomoh Isiaka Who Was Shot Dead During The #EndSARS Protest



Nollywood actor, Williams Uchemba has reached out to father of the deceased university student who was shot and killed by police during the #EndSARS protest.

Jomoh Isiaka was killed by the police during the Ogbomosho protest in Oyo State. He was hit by a stray bullet that ended the budding life in him.

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The actor, earlier wrote on his Instagram page expressing his desire to meet with the father to offer his little support.

He encouraged his fellow Nigerian citizens to put together the little that they can get to support families who have lost a member or two in the process.

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The actor has been able to locate the father and has donated an amount of N1 million to him.

He took a video of himself chatting with the bereaved father and posted same on his Instagram page.

He wrote: “THANKS GUYS I GOT HIM AND SENT 1Million to him. I was able to reach the father of the young boy Jimoh isiaka that was killed my the police durning the peaceful protest in Oyo state and by the help of God I supported him with 1,000,000 (One million naira) in as much as I know that money can’t bring back the dead, the least we can do is to support them in any way we can.

“I also need the contact of the family of the police men that was killed yesterday in Lagos and the other victims, I heard nothing has been done for them, please if you have their contact help me with it. And if you want to also support in any you can please do. We are all they have

1016362878 Zenith (and for the sake of transparency and integrity we will post whatever we got and share it for them accordingly). My heart is broken

because this people could have been my family members and loved ones.

Thank you @lekan_kingkong for the contact information,”