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Lawyer Accuses Lagos Governor Of Not Interested In The Truth Regarding Lekki Toll Gate Massacre



Lawyer, Dele Farotimi has accused the Lagos State governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, the security forces and LCC of not interested in uncovering the truth regarding the Lekki toll gate shooting incident that happened last month.

Protesters who were gathered at the Lekki toll gate to protest were shot at and killed on the 20th of October, 2020.

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A judicial panel was set up by the Lagos State government to investigate the excesses on that unfortunate night.

In an interview with Arise News, the lawyer, Dele Farotimi accused the parties accused in the Lekki toll gate shooting incident of trying to cover the truth.

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Below is an excerpt of what he said during the interview.

”The Lagos state government does not dare to allow the panel that is currently sitting in Lekki to sit neither does the Nigerian government or the Nigerians Army…They might pretend they are intesrested in finding the truth, I guarantee you and I tripple .0dare them to allow panel to sit.

Their ongoing shenanigans to ensure the panel is truncated, them finding all of a sudden that people who are funding peacefulprotest are terrorists.

It is designed to ensure that the youth representatives on that panel walks away. It is an act of provocation. Nobody sits down to negotiate with a man who has a gun on the table.

I am saying here and now that the Lgaos state government, Jide Sanwo-Olu, the LCC, the Nigerian Army and everybody connected there have no interest in uncovering the truth of what happened in Lekki.

The concerted efforts are the lies, the many aristotelian dimension to the madness they are calling investigation,” Farotimi said.

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