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Cross-dresser, Jay Boogie Shades Bobrisky Again In New IG Post



Nigerian cross-dresser, Daniel Anthony, popularly known as Jay Boogie, has shaded his senior in the cross-dressing game, Bobrisky, says he is not here to be a threat to anybody’s career.

Bobrisky, who prides herself as the most popular and influential transgender in Africa has this one to contend with in the near future.

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People have started drawing comparison between the two as to who look more like a girl than the other.

Taking to his Instagram page, Jay Boogie shared some bikini photos of himself by the pool side and captioned them as follows.

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“A Queen is a woman who carries herself in an enviable charisma, a woman who’s endowed with a willingness to ignore fools, a Queen would never go around feeling and showing her reign is threatened, too lame such an act for a queen, cause she knows her place, I mean a Queen wears a crown, not a tiara!.

I had no intention to be a threat to anyone’s path, and I was never born to scare any shaft who feels her stove throne is about to be snatched into obvious damnation, give it time, You might be a queen in your kingdom, but don’t forget we’re all queens in our different castles.

Life is a journey sweetheart, not a competition and two wrongs don’t make a right, take your parents for example just like you, it’s a case of Enjoy it while it last and with that I bid you goodluck, impress me more with the foolery. Arrogance and stupidity all in one package, how efficient of you.”

It looks like the game is about to begin for these two cross-dressers.

Source: AfricaCelebrities.Com