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Man Narrates How He Was Abused By His Family For Renting An Apartment – Graphic Photos



A 25-year old Nigerian Man has taken to social media to lament about how he was physically assaulted for requesting to move out of his parents’ house to pursue life on his own.

In a Twitter thread, the man narrates that the latest abuse which happened just recently is actually the second time something like that is happening because of same reasons.

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He continued that about close to two years ago, he went and told his father that he has rented an apartment and is willing to move out of the family house.

His father quickly got furious and demanded that he gives his phone out but he declined that request.

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He continued that, his father started hitting him with objects and his elder brother also join his father to beat him mercilessly. Not even the pleading of the mother could stop his abusers.

He’s therefore decided to take the matter to social media to seek the advice of online friends. See his narration and photos of him being abused below.

Source: AfricaCelebrities.Com