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Angry Flexer Gh Drags Prince David Osei To the Gutters Over ‘Fix Yourself First’ Comment Defending NPP’s Bad Governance



Ghanaian dancehall artiste Flexer Gh has angrily rained fire on actor Prince David Osei after he ignorantly called for Ghanaians to fix ourselves in response to #fixthecountry protests.

David Osei claims that if Ghanaians fix ourselves, whatever that means, the country will automatically be fixed.

A bought celebrity who has taken money from the NPP to spew his rubbish, Prince David was obviously thinking about his stomach when he made those comments and not the ordinary Ghanaian.

That sparked off anger in Flexer Gh to record a video response to the compromised actor.

In his video, the dancehall star criticized Prince David for selling his soul to the NPP for some small coins in order for the ordinary Ghanaian to suffer.

He listed how the NPP’s incompetence has made cost of goods and services skyrocket, in comparison to Mahama’s time in office.

A bag of cement which used to cost around Ghc 20 is well over Ghc 50 now. The prices of iron rods have similarly skyrocketed within this period.

According to Flexer Gh, former President Mahama did a far better job than whatever the NPP thinks they’re doing now.

He ended by firing Metro TV’s Paul Adom Otchere, another stomach journalist who has sold his principles to remain in the government’s favour.

Watch Flexer’s video below…