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Here Are 5 No Nonsense Reasons You Should Cut Some People Off In The Coming Year



A new year is upon us again. And as usual, many people will be making resolutions for the coming year.

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For some people, their finances is of topmost priority and so they will be resolving to cut down cost and increase their savings and investment.

For others, it has to do with their spirituality. Such people are likely to be making resolutions that will improve their spiritual life and getting closer to God or whatever they believe in.

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In fact the list is tall. But one that stands out among the many new year’s resolution has to do with people’s interpersonal relationships with others, be they friends, loved ones, causal acquaintances, family member/relatives, colleagues at work or at school.

It seems to be a recurring resolution for many people to cut off some individuals from their lives as part of their new year’s resolution.

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In this list, we bring you five no nonsense reasons why you should absolutely do away with some people in the coming year and going forward.

  1. They don’t check up on you, it’s always you checking up on them or they contact you only when they need a favor. Such one-sided relationships are toxic and will be better if you go your separate ways.
  2. They say or do things to demean or disrespect you an very derisive ways. To keep your dignity intact, such people don’t deserve a place in your life; cut them off.
  3. They physically or verbally abuse you. Your health- mental and emotional- are essential to you well-being. If there is someone in your life abusing you in such a way that it affects your health in any way, then it’s time to cut that person off.
  4. They are bad influence on you. Reality check: you don’t have to make others dictate your choices or preferences. However, if you find yourself being swayed by somebody and you know the person is a bad influence on you, they you have to cut ties with that person.
  5. They don’t care about your progress nor want to see you succeed. If two or more people are in any form of relationship, one of the things they should look out for each other is for their success. However, people who attempt to steal your shine, aren’t happy when yo win and don’t rejoice with you in your glorious moments should not have a place in your life next year.

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So there you have it. While this list is not exhaustive, it should serve as a template for you when making your new year’s resolution with respect to the people to keep and those to let go in the coming year.