Nigerian Musician Tekno Is Wanted To Pay Child Support For Zambian Baby


Popular Nigerian musician and producer, Tekno has found himself in trouble that he never meant to bring on himself.

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A Zambian lady, who has been identified as Rita Mwayanda, has accused the ‘Pana’ hit maker for her pregnancy and subsequent suffering after giving birth.

Rita publicly made her sentiments known that had it not been for Tekno, she wouldn’t have gotten pregnant in the first place.

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Narrating what happened, Rita explained that her love for Tekno’s music got her into the situation she finds herself now.

She said: “It happened back in 2016. I love Teckno’s music so much. Adding that the extent of her love for the musician made her go out to the club just to listen to any song by Tekno.

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Rita continued her narrative as follows: “During the month he [Teckno] released ‘Pana’ I got so excited that I slept with a man I didn’t know.”

She said the one night stand ended up getting her pregnant. And it was simply because she was intoxicated by Tekno’s hit song.

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Thus, blaming Tekno for her pregnancy, Rita demanded that Tekno should take the responsility of paying for the child’s upbringing.

She stated that: “If it wasn’t for Tekno, I wouldn’t get pregnant and have this child. So he needs to pay for child support.”

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While we sympathize with Rita for her current situation, Tekno must hear this and do something.


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