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Woman And Sister Arrested After Burying Her Baby Alive



Two sisters gave been arrested by the police in Kaduna for burying a premature human foetus at a hotel garden. The 33-year-old woman and her elder sister planned and executed the dastard act in the night.

The main suspect simply identified as Hauwa, allegedly had her fetus removed before it reached its full term. She then buried it with connivance of her 35-year-old elder sister, Zainab.

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The two sisters booked in to People’s Club Hotel, a popular hotel in Tundun Wada, Kaduna State, north-western Nigeria, ostensibly to rest after travelling from their hometown.

The security person at post saw the two digging a shallow grave in the dark. After they were done burying the foetus, they went to their hotel room

The security person went to the spot and saw traces of blood. He subsequently raised am alarm and the two women were picked from their room.

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Details of how the foetus was removed by the two sisters is still unknown as the two had refused to talk to the hotel management.

The police were later called in to arrest the sisters. They are now in their custody helping in investigations.