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Pastor Shows Pictures Of Heaven To Prove He Has Visited There – SEE PHOTOS



A man of God, yet to be identified, has shown his congregation pictures to prove his claims of visiting heaven, the spiritual beyond promised to Christians who die righteous.

According to him, the sacred place is more beautiful than what is described in the holy book and he was allowed by angels to take pictures so as to show God’s children what awaits them when they die.

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He was seen in one of the pictures relaxing on a stylish bed with lots of gifts surrounding him.

The photos have gone viral on social media not for the beauty ‘heaven’ holds but how the man of God could visit there with his microphone and in clothes when the Bible said no worldly possession will be sent there.

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Many believe the pastor intentionally photoshopped the pictures but who are we to judge. Check out the pastor relaxing in heaven below.

SOURCE: AfricaCelebrities.Com