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Visa Lottery Winners Sue Trump After He Banned Immigration Till Next Year



A group of visa lottery winners has teamed up and started legal action against the Trump government for banning immigration into the United States due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic in that country.

The over two hundred people culled from different countries are winners of the annual visa lottery game which gives out permanent residence in the United States to 50,000 randomly selected applicants outside the country.

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Curtis Lee Morrison, lawyer for the applicants filed the lawsuit in Warrington DC. He explained that the Trump administration was deliberately attacking the lottery which has legal backing after it was enacted by the United States Senate.

He averred that his clients followed all the rules and were looking forward to a new beginning in the United States but the dream has been cut short after the government issued the order.

Their inability to proceed with the immigration process began after President Donald Trump signed an executive order banning all immigration with the exception of critical service providers last month.

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The Diversity Immigrant Visa program came into force in 1990 to give residence to foreigners outside the United States through lottery system where winners are randomly selected.