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Lady Claims She Has 40 Days To Live After Her Lover Used Her For Money Rituals



A Ghanaian woman has left everyone mortified after she claimed she has just forty days to live. She explained she has been sacrificed for money rituals by her wealthy Nigerian lover.

In a video that has since gone viral, the woman narrated her difficult childhood which was plagued by poverty and how she engaged in a promiscuous lifestyle to feed herself and family.

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She revealed that she befriended this wealthy Nigerian man who lavished her with money and other expensive gifts and hence dedicated her whole life to him.

The woman alleged that she had a disgusting fluid oozing from her vagina after every bout of sex with this Nigerian man. She also suffered a series of mishaps which could not be understood.

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She sought spiritual help and it was revealed to her that her lover had used her for money rituals and she would be dying in forty days time.