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Actress, Iretiola Doyle Slams Internet Trolls, Describes Them As “Talentless Twats”



We can’t tell for now what has happened, but it seems award-winning actress, Iretiola Doyle has swallowed down some anger in her that’s now forcing to burst its way out.

The veteran actress has gone berserk on social media where she’s been throwing shots at those who troll creative people on the various platforms.

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She noted that some people who are “talentless twats” and has never created anything in their lives are those that are fond of trolling successful people on social media.

She took to twitter to vent her anger: “Lol ..SM sha. A talentless twat that has never created a thing in their miserable directionless life will just open an unwashed mouth and dismiss someone’s labour as trash. Alakori alaini nkan se..go do am if easy na. Your mouth like repository for trash”.

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Social media can really be depressing for people who are in the celebrity bracket. The internet has given room to all manner of people to have a say on any topic and on anybody no matter how flawed their arguments may appear.

With a 50mb data bundle, one has the chance to say whatever s/he want on social media and almost getting away with it.

Probably, some of these social media trolls and the actress have had their paths crossed in recent times.

Source: AfricaCelebrities.Com