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Yvonne Jegede Says Having A Male Best Friend Who Never Try To Sleep With You Is A Blessing



Yvonne Jegede, Nigerian actress and socialite, is saying that it is a true blessing for a woman to have a male best friend who does not want to sleep with her.

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Yvonne described such friendship as priceless and wished women find true male friends like what she has. She went on to praise men who look out for women with no agenda but to see them win as the best.

She wrote on Instagram, “Making male friends who are genuinely your friends and never flirt or try to f*ck you is a blessing. We as women be needing that platonic love. Black men who look out for us with no agenda but to see us win are the best.”

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What the actress is wishing for is not impossible. It does happen in some part of the world but some fans in her comment section highlighted that a male keeping a female as ‘just friends’ is just a lion waiting for the right moment to devour her.

SOURCE: AfricaCelebrities.Com