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‘I Prefer To Be Poor And Potent Than Be Rich And Impotent’ – Ghanaian Actor James Gardiner Says



Which would you prefer as a man, being filthy rich and an impotent or being as poor as a church mouse and very potent in bed?

Ghanaian actor James Gardiner has said he will choose to been poor and very strong in bed than have all the money on earth and be an impotent.

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James told radio personality Abeiku Santana in a conversation that nothing in the world is far more important to him on earth than seeing his children and grand children hence his choice.

HE also took time off to explain why he ‘abused’ the word Amazing on the VGMA red carpet as a host.

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” I think I naturally love using the word and that’s why I used it. Despite what social media is making me look like, I think I actually did well as the host of the red carpet. I did amazingly well and that is an undisputable fact.”

SOURCE: AfricaCelebrities.Com