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Video: Actor Mike Ezurunye Attack People Accusing Him Of Defrauding Sugar Mummies In UK



Not long ago, Nigerian actor Mike Ezurunye was reported to be in the grips of Police in the United Kingdom for defrauding some sugar mummies.

The reports claimed the actor stole as much as £700,000 from these women in a love scam carefully planned by him (Mike Ezurunye).

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Mike took to his Instagram handle to share a video of himself to debunk the rumors. He claimed he was at a location shooting a movie and not in police custody.

He warned older women to keep his name out of their mouths and quit dragging him into controversies.

“I’ve been quiet for too long about this nonsense. I’ve posted people who have been arrested. I have posted some of those who have impersonated me. I have tagged the EFCC, the police; they have been quite helpful and are still helpful. And some idiots will just wake up and write nonsense.”

I heard they’ve formed a club against me. Some old women who have been defrauded,” he said.

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The actor went on to say, “Why are you going to give money to somebody you don’t know? What are you looking for? What are you indulging in? And the worst part is that some of you are older than my mother. What are you looking for in that actor, in that musician? And when you are defrauded, you now find the real account of the person. But while you were frolicking with the fake person, you never took your time to look for the real person’s account,”

SOURCE: AfricaCelebrities.Com