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Actress, Rahama Sadau Apologizes To Muslims For Sharing ‘Unislamic’ Photos Of Herself



Hausa movie actress, Rahama Sadau has apologized to the Muslim community for sharing photos deemed unislamic by the Muslims in northern Nigeria.

The actress came under attacks after she shared photos of herself on Twitter where she wore a long dress which showed her back.

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After she came under a barrage of attacks, she took the post off and followed that up with an apology to the Muslim community.

She revealed that, she’s a strong advocate for her religion and a supporter of the prophet of Islam. She added that, she will not intentionally do something that would bring the name of the prophet into disrepute.

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Below are her words:

“I made this video so sad and sad. I am also patient about what happened to all Hausa people, my colleagues and Muslims all over this picture of mine that brought this cure.

“This is not my attitude as a Muslim. I am the lover of the prophet (SAW), and I am fighting with anyone that touch my religion. It’s destiny that brought a person to disgrace him, and may God curse him on this disgrace.

“This will never happen to me again by the grace of God. Thank you, may God protect our faith and religion.”

Source: AfricaCelebrities.Com