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“I Will Be The First Gæy To Openly Marry In Nigeria – LGBTQ Activist, Ayo



Nigerian gæy and LGBTQ activist, Ayo has caused a stir on social media after declaring that he will be the first person to marry in Nigeria as a gæy.

He made this known when he wrote a lengthy post on his Instagram page advocating for the decriminalization of same s3x marriages.

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He asked why cross-dressing will be accepted in Nigeria whiles same s3x relationships are abhorred. Below are his words.

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”LGBT Marriage must be Approved and signed in Nigeria ??

I Have made research as An Activist,being GAY is not a curse
It is a fascinating lifestyle that ranges from Glory to Glory
Encompassing the earth surfaces….why would you be scared in Your Fathers land being GAY…..I think Nigeria should stop being Homophobic,we are in a modernized world, despites the hatred Nigeria is still Number 1 country that has the most populace and popular LGBT…..
If crossdressing is Accepted without no hatred
There is A great Hope that LGBT will be Approved…

I will be the First handsome dude that will get
Married openly as GAY in Nigeria ??signed?”

Source: AfricaCelebrities.Com