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Tems’ Manager Loses His Cool On Ugandan Artiste, Bebe Cool



Muyiwa Awoniyi, the manager of Nigerian artiste, Tems has open more fire on Ugandan singer, Bebe Cool over his role in their arrest in Uganda.

Omah Lay, Tems and her manager were arrested in Uganda on Sunday after they performed on a show which contravenes the Covid-19 protocols.

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The trio spent some time in prison and only regained their freedom some two days later.

Tems called the singer out on Twitter yesterday, saying that he was responsible for their arrest.

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Her manager has added his voice to the issue and has also been vitriolic against the Ugandan superstar. Read below his tweets.

“First of all, nobody is your young brother you twat. Second of all, you are literally the biggest embarrassment of a human being I have ever encountered in my life. How dare you set us up and then try to take credit for the release?

“I heard once I came out that y’all flamed tf out of this waste man @BebeCoolUG. Y’all don’t even know how deep of a fool this guy is. Let me first give you context before I start. This is the level of idiot we are dealing with

“This clown @BebeCoolUG drove 3 hours to the maximum security prison @Omah_Lay and I were at WITH HIS OWN PRESS AND STARTED PRETENDING TO CHASE THEM AWAY FROM RECORDING US AS WE WERE RELEASED?! Do you think we are as stupid as your children??

“The only reason I didn’t beat tf out of you in that car is because I was in your country @BebeCoolUG. I promise you it’s on sight anywhere else. You are almost 85 years old and you are still upcoming. Even your own country hates you. You’re actually done ouchea

“You say that Ugandan organisers only book Nigerians to perform. First of all @BebeCoolUG your music sucks. Even you know this which is why you rely on bookings. You CANNOT do your own shows. Even the rats from my cell no fit attend your show. 6 local artists performed before us!

“I’m not gonna spend too long on this goat @BebeCoolUG. T and I just want y’all to know that this idiot had NOTHING AT ALL TO DO WITH OUR RELEASE. He is the REASON for all of this nonsense. I don’t even need to deck you. Too many guys dey on top your matter already

“I was so mad at this point that I didn’t even notice your shoes. Stop focusing on Nigerian artists. You CLEARLY have other issues

“This twat @BebeCoolUG fully said to me in the car “Uganda loves Nigeria but Nigeria not so much us”. IDIOT DO YOU KNOW NAIJA BLEW PARTY AFTA PARTY BY BIG TRILL…WHO IS FROM…UGANDA?!?!


Source: AfricaCelebrities.Com