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Salone Blog Page Gives Out All Necessary Equipment for Corona



The Ceo of Salone Blog Page, Mr Musa Conteh has shown his philanthropic side with a donation to Sierra Leone youth.

Mr Conteh thought it fit to give out the donation as his own way of contributing toward the Corona pandemic.

salone blog page

Salone Blog Page gave out bags of rice, tap bucket, face masks, soap and all necessary equipment for the youth in Sierra Leone.

Mr Conteh revealed the reason behind the donation is because the ghetto youth are the same as people who can afford such amenities to battle the pandemic.

This is not only about giving them these items but also to let them believe that Corona is real.

Salone Blog Page wants them to protect themselves from this deadly virus.

In an interview with one of these youths who benefited from the measure, they showed immense appreciation for the donation as there are lot of organisations and institutions but for Salone Blog Page to reach out to them was very heartwarming.