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An Old Fisherman Enlightens Us On The Demons, Mermaids, And Sea Monsters He Saw At Sea



An old Nigerian sailor who has hunted on the seas for over 30-years has narrated all his bizarre encounters with sea creatures, both dangerous and mild. Though some of his experiences conform to what we have been led to believe about the sea, he mentioned that we’ve been lied to about certain things.

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The fisherman said that the mermaid is not a beautiful creature as we’ve been led to believe, explaining that it is an extremely ugly being.

The fishermen granted one Twitter user by name Yemi an interview in which he explained what really goes on under the sea.

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People that spend months working on ships on water have the bizarre scariest stories to tell… the wonders in the seas and water is 10x more bizarre compared to land.

Dude started with there are more dead bodies in the water than land, victims of war, illegal travellers etc… sometimes while sailing through they come across floating dead bodies on then middle of night, numbering to 70+ makes him wonder where they came from.

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And strange creatures, gigantic sea creatures come out at midnight, more like that is their play time, and there is a gigantic version of every sea creature!

Confirming his take, science admitted to naming just 10% of sea creatures, meaning there are over 90% undiscovered creatures plus he gave a story of coming across a 6 eyed creature that swam above, each eye ball had light.. Lol

Sometimes when they are fast asleep, a particular creature makes a noise louder than 50 loud speakers put together by his description, it’s noise vibrates things on the ship and scatter, the sound moves containers filled with goods..

He furthermore explained the sea dragon he saw.. gigantic creature with the head of a dragon with spikes on it but fish tail, mouth wide enough to swallow 4 humans put together, I digged deeper and realise the only one caught happened in the 1910. The baby version tho

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And to mermaid he confirmed that existed too.. He is a sailor and has been at it for over 30 years, he claimed to have seen a mermaid in 1996, and the pictures of them in movies is laughable, he said mermaid look like humans truly but extremely ugly, at least the one he saw.”

Yemi’s full thread on Twitter;