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Public Calls For Popular Bar to be Closed After Customer Was Slapped and Struck by a Bartender and Manager

Drama erupted at J’s Fresh Bar and Kitchen when a female customer was assaulted by staff members at the bar including the manager.



On Friday the 13th, a scandal erupted at popular Nairobi joint, J’s Fresh Bar and Kitchen. Drama erupted when a female customer was assaulted by staff members at the bar including the manager.

A group having fun at J’s

The customer going by the name faysflow on Instagram took to the platform to share the ordeal of that night. According to her, she had spent about Sh. 5000 at the bar and proceeded to ask a female bartender for change.

A seen from a video recording, the female bartender thew a drink with lemons on the customer. From reports, the bartender did so out of spite for not getting a tip from faysflow.

When the manager of the restaurant intervened, matters only got worse. According to witnesses, the bartender and faysflow were taken to a private room to resolve the problem. While in the room, the manager going by Vincent assaulted the customer some more where no CCTV camera could record the abuse.

The entire ordeal was outrageous and once faysflow shared the happenings of the night on her Instagram, netizens were quick to demand for justice. Several users on twitter and Instagram are demanding the closure of J’s.

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According to many, some bars including J’s treat whites and Indians as the creme de la creme of customers; Reasons being that they often get better tips from them. Therefore, they discriminate on Africans with the assumption that black people are poor.

This incident of faysflow being mistreated is just but one of the many unjust forms of mistreatment of customers in bars and clubs. Only time will tell whether the bar will be closed following this major scandal. As of now, the managers are secretly talking to faysflow to try and offer her a settlement deal to kill the online movement against them.