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VIDEO: Nigerian Congregation Remix Zltan Ibile’s Yeye Boyfriend Hit Song



Nigerian musician Zlatan Ibile’s ‘Yeye boyfriend’ song became an instant hit after it was released.

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The song basically narrates the story of women being chased after by all sorts of men to initiate romantic relationships, that is to be their boyfriend.

However, Zlatan categories some of the boyfriends as ‘yeye’ and rather lists some other who are better boyfriends.

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Portions of the song states that: “Joey Zaza better boyfriend, Anonymous better boyfriend, Hushpuppi better boyfriend, Good berry, better boyfriend, Mopha, better boyfriend and so on.”

So obviously, anything ‘yeye’ isn’t good. And what better way to describe the devil than ‘yeye’?

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A Nigerian congregation, therefore, remixed Zlatan’s ‘Yeye boyfriend’ and replaced boyfriend with devil.

The church was caught on camera in a viral video singing the famous line ‘bye bye to yeye boyfriend’ but this time it was ‘bye bye to yeye devil’.

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Zlatan posted the video on his official Instagram page and simply captioned it as such: ‘bye bye to yeye devil in 2020′.

Watch the video below: